A farewell to cars

While half of Brockley's 'retail space' is taken up by car lots, it's never going to give Notting Hill a run for its money.

We've been hoping for some time that the relatively small size of the lots and the lack of obvious demand for their products locally, might prompt the owners to give up the used motor game and start, say, a Tapas Bar instead.

Well, it appears at least one of them has accepted the inevitable - the site at 196 Brockley Road, occupied by the Action Commercials dealership, has been sold and the owners have applied for permission to convert the site in to retail space:

"The construction of a single storey, plus basement level building at the side of 196 Brockley Road SE4, to provide a commercial unit (342 sq.m) Use Classes A1 (Shops), A2 (Financial and Professional Services), B1 (Business), together with the provision of a deliveries/refuse store."

Sadly, the application was rejected, on the grounds that:

"The proposed building, by reason of its form, design and building footprint, would have a poor relationship to adjacent properties in Brockley and Harcourt Roads, would result in an incongruous addition to the terrace of which it forms part and would represent a poor standard of design in this prominent location, contrary to Policy URB 3 Urban Design in the adopted Unitary Development Plan (July 2004)."

But, it's quite likely that they will come back again with another proposal, hopefully of an appropriate standard. In any case, the move hopefully signals a rethink by other garage owners.


leenewham said...

I'd love to see the proposed development for this and why EXACTLY it wasn't deemed a suitable by the council.

Anonymous said...

Plans can be seen on Lewisham's web site - from http://www.lewisham.gov.uk/Environment/Planning/ there's a link to View planning applications online. The application number is DC/07/65590/X

Having taken a quick look it really wasn't a remotely sympathetic development but I too hope that we'll soon see something suitable on that plot.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully something will be planned and it won't be allowed to go derelict. I'm always surprised at the number of car related businesses in Brockers, and at the number of used tyres that seem to get dumped along Manor Ave and Wickham Mews (without pointing any fingers...)

leenewham said...

I saw the proposals and itlooks interesting, really clean and moder. A curved facarde with floor to roof glazed panels to the front sitting on a brick plinth with a grey surround. I'm not sure why this isn't in keeping with the area when its similar to what they are doing with the tea factory. I hope they dont try to make it 'look old' which always looks fake. It's certainly a huge improvment on what is currently there, and better than 95% of the current shopfronts we have in brockley!

Brockley Nick said...

Hi Lee

Are the plans publicly available? If so, are they online somewhere please?

Anonymous said...

Hi Nick, Anonymous 1 has helpfully pointed out the relevant lewisham council site and the application number. If I hadn't seen this for myself, i never would have thought that Lewisham council had indeed entered the 21st century.. in their own idiosyncratic way. As direted above, from www.lewisham.gov.uk/Environment/Planning, click on 'View planning applications online'. Then do an 'advanced search of planning data' using the application number quoted above. To see the drawings submitted with the application, click on the 'Documents' tab and have a look at 'Proposed elevations'. Alternatively, here's a direct link:
(but that 'Documents' tab also holds the proposed floorplan and some other helpful stuff).

And I disagree Lee, i find the plan unsympathetic. Seems a shame, for instance, to fill that very awkward shaped plot with building when that stretch of road could do with a tree or two. They have made no attempt at any landscaping, building right up to the pavement. The aluminum glazing will likely look cheap, soon if not immediately, and the dimensions of the building seem discontinuous with the surroundings, making it look like some weird appendage to the terrace.. But to each their own.

Anonymous said...

That link is:

Brockley Jon said...

To anonymous #3 (leave a name!) there is a fantastic website called PlanningAlerts.com where you can sign-up for alerts whenever someone makes an application in your chosen area.

I have flexed my admin muscle, and added a link to Lewisham Planning and also PlanningAlerts in the links on the right-hand side.

Kate said...

Actually yeah, that doesn't look in keeping with the area; it could quite easily end up looking like a cheap lean-to knocked up by the neighbours. Sad lack of imagination.

Anonymous said...

We need to support the developer on this.

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