Brockley Yurt Company plans big tent solution to soaring house prices

Do you really want to yurt me? The Drake Road yurt is ready to take its first guest
The latest wave of house price inflation has produced all kinds of drastic housing solutions and cash-grabs locally, including narrow homes, shed-homes, pop-ups and self-builds. But no-one has dared to think outside the four-walls-and-a-roof box quite so radically as the Brockley Yurt Company.

The idea is simple: Brockley has lots of big gardens and a ready supply of bohemians ready to play host. The company installs the Yurt (a round tent favoured by central Asian nomads) and finds the tenants, while the home owner shares their garden, front door and toilet for a cut of the proceeds.

The brainchild of two local entrepreneurs (Yurtrepreneurs? Entreyurtneurs? Entrepreyurts?), the Brockley Yurt Co claims to have signed up four local home-owners, with gardens in Drake, Geoffrey, Tyrwhitt and Glensdale Roads and plans to launch on Airbnb later this month. Co-founder Andrew explains:

"We were at a friend's house party last summer, camping out in their garden in Brockley. What was supposed to be a night turned into a six week stay and the idea for the Brockley Yurt Company was born.

"Yurts are totally practical and warm, although they do suit the more sociable tenant. Each one can comfortably house a group of four and we are looking for people who want to lay down roots in the area for at least three months."

"The people who've shown an interest in renting are an eclectic mix. Our first residents include an anthropologist, a theatre manager and a couple of people working on contract at Canary Wharf. Never mind getting a foot on the ladder, yurt-living lets you feel the grass between your toes.

"We're also looking for garden owners as we think we can expand up to ten gardens across the area."

In case you think this is the cheap alternative to bricks and mortar, be warned: prices start from £850 per month per person with wifi, electricity and fuel chucked in, but no running water. The team are planning an "Open Yurt Weekend" in April to tempt renters.

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