Ruh roh! Shaggy dog fines from firm without a scooby

Dogwalker writes:

Today there were some confused and upset dog walkers in Hilly Fields as fines of £75 were being handed out for dogs being walked off their leads. The fines were being handed out by an agency used by Lewisham Council. The issuers were claiming that it is illegal to walk a dog off its lead in all open spaces in Lewisham and had been so since 2005.

It has since been confirmed by the council that an error had been made by the agency and all fines are to be cancelled. It was also confirmed by the council that dogs are of course allowed off their leads in Hilly Fields.

I have sent this in to notify to all dog walkers that there is nothing to worry about - as I believe word has spread like wildfire, and not to add in any way to the recent BC debate.