Election Hustings, April 26th

6-8.30pm St Catherine’s Church, Pepys Road, New Cross Gate, SE14 5SG.

Candidates attending:

  • Bim Afolami (Conservatives) 
  • Michael Bukola (Liberal Democrats) 
  • John Coughlin (Green Party) 
  • Massimo Dimambro (UKIP) 
  • Chris Flood (TUSC) 
  • Vicky Foxcroft (Labour) 
  • Malcolm Martin (Christian People’s Alliance) 
  • Helen Mercer (People before Profit)


Robert said...

Interesting trivia fact about Massimo Dimambro, the UKIP hopeful.

In 2006 he was a contestant on Deal or No Deal, and during his round one of the boxes got knocked to the floor revealing the contents. They had to reshuffle all the boxes again. I hope no such "accidents" happen on ballot day.

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