Marathon 2015 - Greater Brockley declared the winner

Greater Brockley is to the Marathon as Yorkshire was to the 2012 Olympics. Friend o'BC Richard writes:

Kent AC (based at the Ladywell Arena) have had a fantastic day at the London Marathon. There was a record 45 club members who toed the starting line this morning.

There was lots of personal bests and great stories across the day, however, two stand out achievements were John Gilbert coming second in the men's Club, Charity and Ballot race (a time that would have put him 19th if he was in the Elite Men's race).

Amy Clements was tenth in the women's race, breaking the significant 2hr 45min barrier for the first time and was a mere seven minutes behind Paula Radcliffe.

Several people who volunteer at Hilly Fields Park Run every Saturday were also volunteering for the marathon helping out with the baggage trucks. And we had one club member was running as a 3hr pacer too.


Sally said...

With my Hilly Fields parkrun hat on it's also worth mentioning local successes in the junior minimarathon including Alex Yee (former Hilly Fields parkrun course record holder), and the new world record holder for fastest marathon dressed as a super hero Paul Marteletti, who's the second fastest Hilly Fields parkrunner. And Amy Clements is our women's course record holder.

Monkeyboy said...

Do we know which super hero? and is it validated? Chris is very firm that all stories are rigerously fact checked.
(Well done, think it was Spiderman?)

Sally said...

It was Spiderman. @GWR has confirmed it as a world record

Monkeyboy said...

Excellent work

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