Brockley Max 2016: Story Sessions - Asylum

Saturday 28th May 3.30pm in St Hilda’s Church, Courtrai Road Crofton Park SE23 1PL

Asylum – stories and poems and music around the concept of safety/sanctuary or the need for it. This is partly to showcase the Refugees Welcome anthology (not published by us, raising funds for Red Cross Refugee work) and will include stories from the book. Stories will be read by a mixture of authors and actors – where the author’s name is in bold, they are reading.

Refreshments avilable from 3pm. (if you have the stamina there’s a singing workshop with Various Voices on the same theme at 6:45 in the undercroft.)

The line up:

- Music & story from Matthew Crampton from his book & show – Human Cargo
- Story Mouse by David Mathews, which is featured in last year’s Solstice Shorts and will be in the forthcoming anthology Shortest Day, Longest Night Read by Alix Adams
- Story Queues from Cherry Potts, from the Refugees Welcome anthology
- Story This England by Oscar Windsor-Smith from the Refugees Welcome anthology Read by Alix Adams
- Poems  Roots and Jail Break by Kate Foley* read by Katy Darby
- Story Etymology of Happiness by Jane Roberts from the Refugees Welcome anthology read by Katy Darby