Rebuild the Peckham Lido

Now this is a fundraiser worth supporting: A plan to create a 50 metre, heated swimming pool, outdoor cinema, restaurant, gym and cinema in Peckham Rye Common. A campaign has been launched to raise £66,000 to pay for the first stage of the project, which has already secured permission to use the land.

The team behind the project says:

"Buried beneath the grass, in an underused corner of Peckham Rye Common, lies the old Peckham Lido. Once a well loved 50 metre outdoor swimming pool, it served the swimmers and sun-bathers of South East London for over 50 years. But by 1987 it had fallen into disrepair and it was closed and filled in. Now all that remains visible of the once great Peckham Lido is a crumbling blue fountain.

"We think it’s time to bring the lido back again. And we’re not alone. Up and down the country, from Saltdean to Tarlair, many of Britain’s lidos are coming back to life. We think South East London should be part of this great movement to bring outdoor swimming and sunbathing back. So, we’d like to rebuild the Peckham Lido on the same site as the original, using the existing mature trees to frame the new buildings. But we’re not just creating a replica. We want to make it better than ever!"

To support the fundraiser, click here.