Just Thai Thai closes

Brockley Road restaurant Just Thai Thai has closed. BCer Jennifer reports:

"I noticed that the restaurant was listed as closed, so I phoned the owner, who confirmed the news. She closed on May 3, she said her landlord would not renew her lease."

The depressing decor, sour atmosphere and rank food offered by Just Thai Thai won't be missed. When not closed, the place was empty. It hogged a Midtown restaurant space that should be put to good use - and when budding restaurateurs approached the owner to buy her out of her lease, they were asked for silly money.

I suspect the landlord has been waiting for the lease to expire so that they can lease it out to someone who can afford more than the peppercorn rent Just Thai Thai must have been paying.

It would be wonderful if someone opened a decent Thai restaurant on the same spot. It's an obvious gap in the local culinary landscape and it would right a terrible wrong that has been inflicted on the reputation of Thai food.