Application made to replace Mantle Road shops

An application has been made to convert the majority of the ground floor retail space at number 1 Mantle Road for residential use. The proposal is for:

"The change of use, alteration and conversion of part of the ground floor at 1 Mantle Road SE4 to retain commercial unit and provide 1 one bedroom and 1 two bedroom self-contained flats, together with alterations to the elevations."

The ground floor units, right opposite Brockley Station's westside entrance, have lain empty since they were first built. This spot is something of a disaster zone of narrow, dark, busy street-scape and unlovely architecture.

Although the Spar is popular and the station busy, the only people who hang around at this location tend to be lorry drivers who have sheared the top off their vehicles by trying to drive under the neighbouring railway bridge.

Thanks to Scott for letting me know.


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