Virgin Territory

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Iain writes:

I know this has been discussed before on the site (not for a few years perhaps) but a friend of mine has just been notified that Virgin Media have laid cables and are now available as a choice on his street (Embleton Road, Ladywell, Greater Brockley). I live the other side of Hilly Fields on Montague Avenue and my postcode still comes up unavailable for Virgin's optical broadband package on their website.  

Virgin Media also emailed me encouraging to spread the word as they are prioritising laying cables in areas with high demand. As they are already in the area it may be sooner rather than later that the rest of Brockley has this option. I guess you may not wish to favour one provider over another on the blog but perhaps circulating this link as wider broadband choice within an area can never be a bad thing.

Here's the "Cable My Street" link.

To confirm I have no connection to virgin media or any broadband provider but do find it frustrating that as I watch far too much sport on TV sky appears to be my only viable option at present.

[Full disclosure: Virgin Media is a client of mine]


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