Geoffrey Road garage replacement denied

They are a capricious bunch, the Lewisham planning team. Despite being happy to let this ugly little character through, they have rejected a more handsome proposal just up the road, in-part on the basis of its looks.

A proposed replacement for the Geoffrey Road MOT garage has been rejected on two grounds. Lewisham's decision says:

"The proposed building, by reason of its siting forward of the Upper Brockley Road building line, scale, height, materials and absence of detailed design would result in an incongruous addition to the street scene whilst failing to preserve or enhance the special character and appearance of the Brockley Conservation Area."

In addition, the Council believes the subterranean office space was a nonsense and notes:

"The proposed commercial floor space, by reason of its lower ground floor location within the building, access arrangements via a light well, lack of street frontage and public visbility, restricted headroom and reliance on artificial lighting, would not ensure its attractiveness and marketability, thereby undermining the future viability of this commercial floor space and its sustainable contribution towards local employment and would not compensate for the loss of the existing commercial uses."


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