Brockley: Fit, but we know it

George Osborne's Evening Standard has put Brockley on its list of Zone 2 bargains (admittedly it's a pretty small field to choose from). This week's Homes & Property section says:

"The leafy Victorian charms of this south east London outpost have sent prices shooting up. It is particularly popular with Docklands workers, since it is only three stops from Canada Water and easy for Canary Wharf...

"Brockley is very much the territory of the young couple thinking about kids, or young families who already have one or two; they hang out at the excellent Brockley Market on Saturday mornings, shopping for craft beers and charcuterie, and spend sunny afternoons at Hilly Fields Park. For nights out there are plenty of restaurants and smart gastropubs like The Orchard or The Gantry.

"Despite its changing demographics Brockley has a strong community spirit. Locals organise an annual music and arts festival, including family days and live music...

"The only downsides are the slight aura of middle-class smugness [guilty] creeping in the absence of a good high street. For shopping your closest options are Lewisham Shopping Centre (better than it sounds) or Canary Wharf."

Deptford, rightly, also gets a shout out, although the couple profiled as new buyers in the area are the sum of all fears for people who resent the march of gentrification. The Standard adds:

“'We couldn’t afford to live somewhere we really wanted so we got somewhere we could get there really easily,'” said Will. So far the couple haven’t had much of a chance to explore Deptford – they’ve only been in situ a couple of months – but are looking forward to finding out more about the area and to the new bars and restaurants which are starting to open around them.

"They hope that as the area develops so their flat will increase in value. “We are expecting to live here about three years and then, hopefully, get somewhere a bit bigger,” said Will."


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