Saka Maka Cafe, 171 Brockley Road

Saka Maka café is officially open. The Indian restaurant and takeaway is already attracting very positive reviews from BCers and now the team behind it would like to introduce themselves. Sohan writes:

Our restaurant is run by three friends and chefs, whose experience includes five star hotels and well-known restaurants. Saka Maka is a slang term used in hotel kitchens. It means work fast or be innovative.

As a promotional offer, we are giving a 10% discount on on takeaways (for collection and home delivery) and we offer free chai to those who can give us our password for the day, which we usually post on our Facebook page here or on Twitter here.

For a little fun, we invite people to ring the bell inside the restaurant if they had a great time. We are giving breakfast cards to guests who eat with us.

Between Mondays and Thursdays, before 5pm, guests can play Try Your Luck. If you roll a 6, then your bill is on us.

The only alcoholic drink we sell is beer, but guests can bring alternatives and we will not charge anything for that.

To see the menu, click here.


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