Deliciously Ella (probably doesn't do) Crofton Park

UPDATE: After some sleuthing by BCer Joe, it appears this is a false alarm. The address mentioned relates to a recruitment firm. Which makes more sense, if we're honest. Sorry for the mistake. Still, the news that we have a newish recruitment firm in our midst is almost as exciting, eh!?

Deliciously Ella, the 'natural eating' evangelist and blogger, is recruiting for a head pastry chef to work in a new branch of her Mae Deli in Crofton Park.

When my wife's business, Homemade London, gave up the lease on our old shop in the West End, the Mae Deli moved in and soon there were queues round the block for very-nice-but-undeniably-pricey produce. This will be a real test of the SE4 market's spending power.


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