Our Air, Your Health - June 19

The Deptford Lounge

Poor air quality is killing many of us and costing those who survive a fortune in EU fines. The government's reticence properly to tax or to replace London's diesel vehicles means we're waiting for the electric vehicle revolution to save us. Fortunately, Liz is on the case. She writes:

I am helping to organise an event in Deptford on 19 June and am just trying to spread the word locally.

I work with a group of scientists at King’s College London and Imperial College London, we belong to the Centre for Environment and Health, which does research into the health effects of environmental pollutants.

We do a lot of research into the health effects of air pollution (as well as other pollutants), and our Centre members at King’s run the London Air Quality Network and the LondonAir website. One of our Centre funders, MRC, organises a week-long festival of public engagement events and as part of that we are organising an evening of interactive activities and short talks based on our research into air quality and related issues – basically a small science fair type event with several short talks throughout the evening.

We have chosen Deptford as we are keen to move away from our university campuses a bit, and as well we have some links with Lewisham Council.

Full details of the event are available here.


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