Revolt! Art Show: June 9-10

"The sweetness of glory is so great that, join it to what we will, even to death, we love it."
- Blaise Pascal

If you've not had enough of deadly violence motivated by totalitarian ideology recently, then this weekend at 17 Harts Lane (New Cross Gate, SE14 5UP), art event Revolt! will bring you a grab bag of talks about communism, armed struggle and revolution.

The organisers promise a 'celebration of the centenary of the 1917 Russian Revolution and the revolutionary women of the women of the world, with beautiful images from the Soviet Union to photos and films of local resistance and current international struggles.'

FRIDAY 09 June 2017 | 6-9pm | Opening night | Free entry

Work on display from all supporting artists (including Chan Maroon, Andrew Cooper, Leah Jai Persad, James Waters and Roisin Anderson.

Short films | Low-price bar (donations) | Banner painting | Books, bags, posters for sale | Raffle

SATURDAY 10 June 2017 | 12-7pm

All day films, talks and exhibition.

1PM | Women’s Defence Units (YPJ): women at the heart of the Kurdish struggle
Film and discussion about Rojava, resistance, self-determination and the women leading the struggle.

2.30PM | Radical self-defence class run by Solstar Sports Association
Led by women trainers. All welcome, no experience necessary. ‘Training together for the struggle’.

4PM | Sylvia Pankhurst: art, working class women and the Hands Off Russia campaigns

5PM | Women in Cuba: the revolution within the revolution. Talk and discussion about the ongoing role women play in building socialism

All talks and films followed by open discussion.


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