Brockley home worth two in Southern Hemisphere

Hahei Beach
New Zealand is the Brockley of the Southern Hemisphere. Slightly overshadowed by brash cousins across the water to the north, but full of people making wearable art, building their own homes and perfecting the art of coffee making. Like Brockley, New Zealand has a surprisingly rubbish pub scene, but makes up for it with a disarmingly good food scene.

Now you, can experience Brockley living upside down, by trading your house for one of two in New Zealand in a house swap that sounds too good to be true. Lynne writes:

We are visiting family and grandchildren who live close to Hilly Fields during July and August this year. We have a lovely family home close to two harbour beaches in Devonport, Auckland and a holiday home in beautiful Hahei Beach in the Coromandel . In exchange for 2 weeks accomodation in Brockley we could offer the use of our houses in New Zealand at a non simultaneous time to suit.

If you are interested to discuss further, drop me a line at


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