Seb Dance MEP - Lewisham for Britain in the EU, March 23

Do you refer to the Brexit referendum as 'only advisory', believe that people who voted leave are racist idiots who got fooled by a toxic combination of some numbers on a bus and the Russians - and that we should vote again because a good chunk of those dumbos have now died of old age? Then this is the event for you.

Fri 23 March 2018
19:00 – 22:00
The Talbot, Tyrwhitt Road

Lewisham for Britain is a campaign group that makes the case for remaining within the EU. They say: 

Join us for an evening of EU and Brexit discussion with the MEP Seb Dance.

Seb is one of London's MEPs, a proud Londoner and a passionate defender of Britain's place in the EU. A member of the Labour Party, he sits on a number of EU Parliamentary Committees and still believes the challenges Britain faces are better served by remaining in the EU.

Come and hear more from Seb on his views about Brexit as we discuss the twists and turns of the complex, febrile time we find ourselves in.

We are proudly unaffiliated to any political party, open to anyone who, like us, believes Britain needs to find a way to stay in the EU.

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