The Talbot: an update, of sorts

John-Paul has succeeded where so many of us have failed and has managed to make contact (albeit indirectly) with Punch Taverns regarding the plans for The Talbot.

In response to his enquiries, their PR agency has issued the following release:

A Punch Taverns spokesperson said: "We have been granted planning permission to refurbish the Talbot, which is due to take place later this year.

"We will be installing a kitchen area so that traditional pub meals can be served, but the pub will retain its classic style which has been enjoyed by customers for many years

"The existing beer garden will also be improved, including a new sheltered area in preparation for the smoking ban.

"In the meantime, the pub will remain open and we hope to keep any disruption to a minimum when the refurbishment work begins."

So, we know that they've got planning permission and that the makeover will not be dramatic but that it will indeed aim to serve food. However, there are few other details, particularly on timings - because these are still to be confirmed.

However, they were genuinely helpful and have agreed to be interviewed for the website about the pub's future at a later date (hopefully not too much later) when they have a clearer picture about the specifications. In the mean time, they have read the comments posted on this site and are aware of the strength of feeling around the subject.


Andrew Brown said...

Good work.

bob said...

"classic style" - that's what i like!

Vikki said...

Hi I've now had a couple of responses from Punch about The Talbot that may be of interest to people.

First response was roughly along these lines -

Agree that it is badly in need of a facelift.

They are looking to develop the pub by redecorating inside and out and also introducing food.

The current two bar operation will stay intact allowing for a bar and lounge.

The plan for illuminated signage is just bringing the current outside lighting and signs up to date.

Basically they are looking to keep a 'community pub' but presenting a better offer of food and drinks which seems to be what the community is looking for.

The improved outdoor area is a response to the need for such a facility so people can eat and drink "al Fresco" weather permitting and the need to provide outdoor facilities for smokers who won't be able to smoke inside after July.

The pub is owned by Punch but leased to someone who runs their own business on the premises. Clearly the pub needs the support of its local residents and should aim to supply them with the sort of facility they need. Therefore the best line of approach would be to talk to the landlord and ask him about his plans.

At present they don't have a start date for the works.

And then second response is from Michelle Matonti, the Business Relationship Office, who is happy to be contacted by local residents on 07770 584703.

There are no immediate plans to undertake the investment at The Talbot as they are currently carrying out essential structural works to the property and will need to complete these prior to revising what was initially proposed and subsequently submitted for planning permission.

Due to these works the overall scope of the scheme will need to be reduced to a financially agreeable level. They hope to be able to give their designers the budget that will be left by the end of next week.

They are glad that the Honor Oak has been mentioned in positive terms and they will endeavour to deliver a similar feel, albeit at a vastly reduced budget.

Howard said...

Just quickly swinging by to say hello as a local blogger - great to have found your blog to get to know more about the area!

Brockley Nick said...

Thanks Howard, welcome.

Vikki, that's great information, I think it deserves a post all of its own.

lee newham said...

IF we really want a gastro pub (and a good one) in blrockley, why are we waiting for one to happen. qWhy dont we organize into a group and petition any chain of pub owner for one, get names on lists. These companies pay thousands on reearch, lets help them out.

Same if we want a deli etc, lets get name son paper, numbers, feedback, so if someone IS thinking of opening up somethign we all want, the have some figures to help them out.

Anyone up for doing somethig like this?

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