Eating out: nominate the best of Brockley

There's already been a lot of discussion in other threads about the quality of food to be found in Brockley. It's been pointed out that the area's best places are scattered over quite a wide area so this post is dedicated to collecting people's recommendations for eating out.

Here are mine - an admittedly predictable quartet:

Ecosium - a brilliant addition to the area. Friendly staff, delicious and simple north-african inspired menu, great when the sunshine's through the open windows out front and a fish tank which keeps kids occupied for hours. Still a little underappreciated.

Just Thai Thai - perhaps a controversial choice, given the enduring popularity of Smile's Cafe, but I think JTT is the winner - if only on the basis of the fact that, if you eat there in winter, you don't have to endure icy gales coming in every time someone opens the door.

Moonbow Jakes - forget the coffee, the food's much better. Great lunch menu.

Toad's Mouth Too - Massive portions, good range and cheery, if sometimes ditzy waiters. Great people-watching if you're on your own but not so good for big groups (or pushchairs), thanks to the tiny rooms and tables.