Wickham Arms under new management

I've had an email from John, who says that the Wickham Arms, on Upper Brockley Road has new management, as from today.

The owner has apparently indicated that he's interested in hearing from locals what the future direction of the pub should be, but is yet to be convinced that Brockley has the right catchment area to generate a loyal customer base that would justify major investment in the pub.

With the necessary caveats about not wanting to lose the live music nights on Thursday nights, I think this is potentially great news. This would be my Wickham wishlist:

1. The most important change wouldn't cost a thing - just make sure the bar staff look a bit more happy to see people

2. Try and encourage more use of the front garden, facing out on to Upper Brockley Road - Brockley lacks a little pavement culture and this would be perfect spot to sit out on a sunny day, enjoying a pint, but for some reason, no-one ever seems to be out there

3. Modernise the decor a bit - doesn't need a massive overhaul - just make it look less tired. How about finding a way to get a bit more natural light in there during the day?

4. As John's already suggested - introduce a wider choice of beers and wines

5. Keep the music nights and maybe run a few more things like pub-quizzes to encourage a local clientele