Brockley to the West End the easy way?

Worried that the East London Line might eat in to overland services to London Bridge? Wondering how the narrow platforms and footbridges of Brockley station will cope with the massive increase in passenger numbers forecast by TfL? The best way to bypass all of these commuter worries is to go by bike.

We have cycled in to London for work, on-and-off, for about 10 years. The combined effect of the congestion charge, increased bus and cycle lane provision and the fact that global warming has turned spring in to summer, means that the experience has become a lot more pleasant in recent years. The vast increase in cyclist numbers on London's streets also means that you no longer feel a lonely pariah in a world of motorists.

Safety is, of course, still a massive concern, and the anti-cyclist diatribes to be found in the papers or on talk radio these days have helped to create a climate in which motorists often treat cyclists with contempt, but on a sunny day, cycling to work can feel like a pleasure, rather than a chore.

Brockley Central's bike is due to be dusted off for the summer and we decided that there had to be a better way in to town than the route we used last year - involving pot-holed routes through New Cross and Deptford High Street (whoever voted that as London's best shopping street was a patronising wally) and then up towards Rotherhithe and Bermondsey, before crossing the river at Waterloo, to get to the West End.

We found this alternative on a great website called Bikely, which describes a route of around 12km from Brockley Station to Soho. It's designed to minimise the traffic levels you'll encounter (which, in our view is more important than distance) and takes you through Peckham, Burgess Park and over the river at Millbank. We plan to try it next week but would be interested to know if any readers have alternative routes they'd like to suggest:

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Unknown said...

I would suggest my route, but looks like you've already found it!

I've been using that path for about eight months and while it might not be the most direct, it keeps me off the Old Kent Road, Walworth Road and (life-affirming) Elephant and Castle gyratory.

Takes about 40 mins and takes in a bit of green (nice hidden path between Peckham High St & Burgess Park), clear back roads and (some) nice scenery.

Bikely's a great site..


Andrew Brown said...

For those of us sans bike we may need the excellent to help get between the gaps in our public transport infrastructure.

creepylesbo said...

I actually walk from Brockley to London Bridge (and back!) every day. It takes me exactly one hour to get to work. Considering the 343 takes over an hour and the train often takes just as long by the time you've walked to the train station, waited for the train, been delayed and then walked to the office on the other side etc, it's a brilliant alternative. Especially since they keep whopping up the public transport prices.

DDKK said...

Blimey Creepy, I like your style! Do you take different routes or do you vary it for interest? I've started doing half my route to work by foot (Waterloo to Pimlico) which at 25 mins is barely longer than taking the public transport route, and much more pleasant.

creepylesbo said...

I tend not to unless forced to by police roadblocks etc, simply because I figure it's safer to walk home, as a lone woman, along the busiest roads possible. Especially in the winter when it's dark or when it's raining and there are fewer people about. To vary it I just put different music on the walkman or pay attention to the little details that change around me - posters, shop improvements, seasonal changes. Sadly there's not a whole lot to look at nature-wise along the Old Kent Road for most of it.

Anonymous said...

why do you talk in the "we" when you are clearly an "I" ?

Anonymous said...

Perhaps more than one person contributes to the running, writing, researching of the blog...

...just a thought.

Brockley Nick said...

It's a stylistic affectation, like you'd find in a host of newspaper or magazine columns. But it also reflects the fact that a lot of the articles are the result of people contributing news and ideas to the site. As you say, it is clear that we are an "I", so hopefully, no confusion arises.

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