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The Brockley Central blog took a two-week break over Easter, but thanks to all the people who've posted comments on the site. In the absence of fresh postings, the site has remained lively and it currently averages 55 unique visits a day, with traffic on an upward trend. This is testament to the passion and support of local people and the blogging community - and occasionally testament to the passion of the people of Plumstead...

Over the coming weeks, the blog will focus on a range of developments and issues, including sport and health, famers markets, the fire on Upper Brockley Road, and some familiar subjects, such as the Wickham, the Talbot, the Common, BrockleyMAX and the various shops, cafes and apartments in development at the moment. However, if anyone has any other suggestions, please feel free to email me.

It's probably also worth reiterating the purpose of this blog, following a few recent comments. Firstly, it is a celebration of Brockley - a place which I, and nearly everyone who contributes to this site, enjoy living in and want to see get even better. It is designed to help promote the work of groups such as the Brockley Cross Action Group, BrockleyMAX who are doing great work for Brockley. However, it is not intended to whitewash the aspects of local life that still leave something to be desired and it will continue to cover those stories too.

Secondly, it's a place for local people (and people interested in the area) to share news and information about Brockley and to act as a guide to local life. Occasionally, this will include issues that affect everyone in Lewisham, or indeed London - such as the future of the East London Line and mainline services to London. In that respect, it will hopefully come to reflect the interests of the people that use the site.


Anonymous said...

thanks nik you're doing a great job. When are we going to have a brockley central get together - seems there's lots of like minded people posting here. Maybe we should even let the plumsteaders along!! Anyway got too have you back, your posts are always very interesting and make me LOL!

Hopefully meet you soon


Anonymous said...

I second that. Was wondering what had happened to the usual flurry of articles. have you been on hols Nick, anywhere exciting ? PLumstead maybe ? ;-)

Brockley Nick said...

Let's just say that I have travelled the world, but found nowhere so fair as Brockley.

As for the meet-up suggestion, it's a nice idea at some point - although I think Lewisham's online community is still nursing its head from Friday's bloggers get-together. The Brockley Cross Action Group meetings are worth coming along to and I will post up details of the next meeting soon.

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