Lib Dems plot Brockley political Deanasty

Dean: Hello, I'm Dean Peterson, but you can call me Bobby. I just want you to know if you ever feel stressed out from studying or whatever, I'm always up for some hackey sack. Or, hey!  If you just want to come by and jam, I used to be the bass player for the Pretenders.
- The Simpsons

The LibDems have selected their candidate for the upcoming Brockley by-election. They say:

Bobby, a former Goldsmiths student who has lived in the area since he joined the university, says he is determined to stand up for “Generation Rent”. He works for international development charity, Restless Development, who help young people find their own way out of poverty across the globe.

The Lewisham Liberal Democrats are the last party to have formed a substantial opposition to the Labour-dominated Lewisham Council. 
Bobby Dean, candidate for Brockley, said:

“This area is my home so I’m very proud to be selected as the Liberal Democrat candidate for the Brockley by-election. In the campaign I’ll be looking to speak to as many people in the community as I can and then find solutions to the issues we have in this borough together.

“In particular, and as a member of Generation Rent, I feel personally motivated to do more to support people struggling in the private rental sector. One more Labour councillor is not going to make a difference to this council. We need to form a substantial opposition to them once again, so that they can be properly held to account.”

Will LibDems start to claw their way back to electoral respectability, picking up votes from disenfranchised centrists or will tuition fees haunt them forever?


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