Phipps to unleash Green Inferno on Brockley

The Green Party has been quick to nominate its candidate for the Brockley ward by-election in October, which they believe is winnable. Her name is Phipps and she's been training all her life for this moment. They say:

"The Lewisham Green Party has selected Clare Phipps, a disability activist and Chair of the national Green Party, to contest the Brockley Ward by-election on 13 October.

"27 year old Phipps, who analyses public health data as part of a PhD, said that she was “really chuffed” to have been selected in “a highly winnable seat for the Greens” and that she had been “waiting years for the opportunity to fight back on behalf of residents."

The Corbyn-era Labour Party is partly a reaction to 'the Green surge' at the last election, encouraging them to tack left to hoover up the virtue-signallers, but Brockley's existing Green representative is the only non-Labour Councillor in Lewisham, so this will be interesting.


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