Little Nan takes up residence in Deptford Market Yard

Tonight, Little Nan, the itinerant geriatric party planner, will be throwing open the doors of her permanent new home at Arch 14 in Deptford Market Yard.

The Yard is a new space right next to Deptford Station, with bars, shops and restaurants occupying the arches of the old railway ramp. Nan writes:

2 years ago, Little Nan's in Deptford got closed down overnight and we were forced to leave SE8 and Lewisham 'forever'.

Devastated, but not giving up on this dream, we searched and searched to find a new home for the bar, which turned into an amazing 2 year tour of London, popping up in so many amazing spaces and making lots of new friends along the way, whilst always spreading the love of Deptford across the capital. We Thank you London for loving us, and accepting Little Nan for who she is! 

2 years on and with petitions (along with some grovelling) this very naughty but nice 'as can be' Little Nan is BACK where she belongs, in her beloved DEPTFORD!! 

Thank you so much for everyone who has been involved in this crazy journey, you all know who you are!!! All roads lead back to Deptford!!! 

Come on Thursday 15th September for the official opening party, and if you can't make that we will partying all weekend till Sunday night... And partying for the next many years to celebrate Little Nan's home coming to DEPTFORD!!! 

Opening times for the launch weekend 
Thursday 15th: 6pm - 11pm
Friday 16th: 10am - 11pm 
Saturday 17th: 10am - 11pm 
Sunday 18th: 11am - 11pm


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