Lewisham Way pub threatened

For a long time, BCers have been predicting this would happen. And now it has. The owners of the Lewisham Way pub formerly known as Albertine's have applied to convert it for residential use.

First, the pub was run into the ground. Then it closed and an attempt to refurbish it was made. Then the building caught fire and parts of it were converted to residential use during its reconstruction. Then a cursory attempt was made to find a landlord. Now they want to convert it.

The Council has refused the application, but that's rarely the end of the story. The owners should forget their dreams of a cash grab and get on with the business of reopening this pub.

Pubs all over the area are being reborn, attracting new customers and thriving thanks to a bit of investment and competent management.

Despite being a main thoroughfare and good connections, Lewisham Way has precious few pubs and this location at the corner of Friendly Street would nicely complement Meze Mangal. A reopened Albertine's could easily succeed and a growing local population needs more communal spaces, rather than fewer.


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