Brockley MOT garage to be redeveloped

The MOT garage on the corner of Upper Brockley Road and Geoffrey Road is the subject of a new proposal to redevelop the site as housing, with office space at ground level.

The scheme is for "the construction of a four storey building to provide 7 residential units and 53sqm of commercial floorspace (Use Class B1)."

The guys working there - unfailingly helpful in my experience - have been living with this prospect hanging over their heads for years and this will not come as a huge surprise. And while the loss of a useful local service is a blow, that site is currently a polluted eyesore.

The architecture is more utilitarian than this spot deserves. This is a chance to enhance one of the gateways to the Conservation Area and due care should be given to the aesthetics.

Thank you to Tim, who gave me the heads-up.