The Brockley calendar 2017

David writes:

I am raising money for Barnardos and  had an idea I wanted to run past Brockley Central readers, to see if there is any appetite!

Essentially, I was thinking of pulling together a Brockley (and greater Brockley) Calendar 2017.

What I would love is for people to suggest ideas and locations to include (no photos of locals with strategically placed cinnamon swirls at the Deli!) and even provide their own photos (copyright free) to use in the calendar.

Still need to determine if it would be cost effective (online cost per unit is cheaper the more you buy - but I don't want to end up with 50 sat in the loft!).  However, thought it would be good to see if this would be of interest to anyone and to gather ideas / photos / price suggestions etc.

- Please let David know your thoughts below.