You shall go to Blackfriars - join the campaign for Crofton Park trains every 15 minutes

A Cinderella Line - it has a logo and everything
Local action groups aren't supposed to be this successful. The Cinderella Line is a campaign to improve the frequency and quality of services that run through Crofton Park Station.

They scored an impressive early win with the recent decision to offer more trains during morning rush hour. Now they want your help to do more. They say:

"We’re fighting for improvements on the Catford loop trains. Now is the time for action.

"Thameslink Railway are in the middle of the biggest timetable consultation in a generation and want our thoughts on their proposals. This is our chance to get four trains an hour as a minimum standard for Crofton Park and the Catford Loop. A chance to get trains every 15 minutes, so you can just turn up and go.

"But to get all of this we need your help. We need to get 1,500 responses by 8th December so we can show how much demand there is for our service.

"All you need to do to respond is sign your name and say you support our request for a minimum of 4 trains an hour, through Blackfriars, all day every day.

"You can of course add your own comments and suggestions too. Just click here to go to the response survey."