Tesco tower proposed for Lewisham

Image from the consultation, courtesy of QWAG
Developer Meyer Homes has revealed plans to develop new homes next to the Lewisham Tesco supermarket, adding 365 homes to the site.
Image from the consultation, courtesy of QWAG
The scheme, presented yesterday, includes three towers and some public realm works, including two new squares. Although the developers claim that they will 'naturalise' the river, the Quaggy Waterways Action Group points out that the banks will still be encased in concrete and describe it as a 'missed opportunity'.

There is certainly now precedent in the area for tall buildings and the development has the potential to replace a lonely spot close to the station with something more useful, but it will be important for this scheme to relate to everything else being built in central Lewisham right now.

Tesco previously explored a smaller scheme at this location.