Brockley: The Audacity of Hope

“It requires no courage nor prescience to predict disaster. Courage is required of the man who, when things are good, says so.”

- JK Galbraith

Since the Obama victory seems to have lifted the hearts of all except the most curmudgeonly of Brockleyites, we thought it would be good to ask you all to name one thing that you are hopeful of - related to Brockley or not.


Hope said...

I hope Brockley central can have a forum soon.

Hope said...

Actually that's not audacious enough. I hope that LB posts his picture or explains the " I'm the one holding the ophicleide." comment is about.

But seriously, I would that Brockley becomes a better community and realises it's full potential. I believe this can be done if people in the locale the various talents work together.

We've just seen in America that the highly unlikely/seemingly impossible can be achieved with unity.

The Cat Man said...

I hope for a society where public services are free from money grabbing contractors and that all the people of the world can walk the paths of brockley road without tripping up.

its not going to happen

Anonymous said...

I too hope for a proper, thread-and-reply driven forum

Oh and an end to poncey green businesses opening up in Brockley

lb said...

My blogger profile picture includes someone holding an ophicleide. Your hopes are fulfilled.

I remember a few years back they asked a group of British MPs what they hoped to see changed in the new year. While most of them gave rather effusive replies about things like "child poverty", one of them answered "my underpants".

Headhunter said...

The one holding the ophicleide is mostly obscured in your pic, so can't tell who it is...

I hope for more trendy coffee shops and green business. The more ponce the better. In fact when is Brockley Rd going to become the new Kings Rd or Upper St?

MB said...

Can we have a mayor who has a voice as cool as Obamas?

Tamsin said...

It was some speech, wasn't it?
I hope that those who predict he will go the same way as JFK are wrong.

Tamsin said...

There's a forum board on thehill website (link on this home page)if anyone wants to try that out, but it's hardly as active as this blog.
Also - and coming up to Christmas shopping - if anyone is planning to buy anything from Amazon (the more expensive the better) please log on via the link on the home page of as each purchase made that way generates a bit of money for the St. Catherines Church Roof Fund. Please pass this info on to any other e-mail contacts you have - an easy way of donating other people's money to a worthy cause. (If the roof of the church goes, the electrics go, if the electrics go, the building closes, if the building closes everything that happens in the Telegraph Hill Centre stops.) So another hope is that they get a lot of funds this way in this season of giving.

Anonymous said...

I hope that my child will grow up in a country where she is equal to all, regardless of the colour of her skin. I hope that my child sees writ large, that, despite its divisions, in a land called America 'colour' is really no barrier to success.
I hope my child will look at the English newspaper I have preserved and think the headline so odd, and repugnant; BLACK PRESIDENT. [Russian, French, Canadian, nice to have a country and a racial identity. African-American, 'mixed-race' etc they will say then, hopefully.)
I Hope that my child and her friends say why did they mention the colour of his skin. But most of all I hope that she will look towards her own country and wonder why its first family, the pinnacle of the class system, some call it Royal, is so exclusive when it chooses who its sons and daughters 'mix' with.

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