Where's the money, Lebowski?

Following the recent debate about this year's £10,000 localities fund, here's how it went down.

  • £200 to the Christmas Market
  • £500 to provide a Council services workshop for local people
  • £500 to find out if, where and how a community orchard could be created in Brockley
  • £1,500 to support and grow the Fun Run
  • £1,500 to create a street party
  • £3,300 for our friends the trees
  • £2,000 contribution towards improvements for Friendly Street Gardens
  • £500 for the Brockley MAX
So trees came out on top again, reflecting the balance of opinion on this site. The orchard was a project that got lots of people excited but now needs some more investigation before further funds could be committed. The Brockley burghers have also managed to support the existing local events calendar and a brand new one in the shape of a street party.

The meeting was attended by about 12 people and a general consensus was developed around the ideas. We understand that Ladywell have matched our figures for the fun run & brockley max.
There is a budget of at least £3,300 for new street trees, which will buy around 12-15 for the local area. Residents will be asked to submit nominations for individual spots that are most in need and the sites will be surveyed by Lewisham's tree experts for suitability. In the new year all suitable sites will be discussed with residents and the trees should be in by the spring.
Cllr Dean Walton said:
"A great range of existing and new ideas that should benefit from this year's Localities Fund. The fun starts on 13 December with the Brockley Christmas Market, a good 5 months to get in training for the Fun Run. Along the way we'll investigating whether we can have a community orchard in Brockley."
"Local residents will have a real say in identifying where the new trees will be planted both by nominating sites for consideration and then real participation in which of the suitable sites will actually get new trees. If all goes to plan there's every chance that the new trees will be in the ground by the spring."
"On behalf of the Brockley Councillors, I would like to thank the Brockley Central team and contributors for their help in getting the message about the Localities Fund out and about. Next year the Brockley Assembly will have to take a decision about how to spend Brockley's £50,000. I look forward to your input into that."