The Telegraph Hill Festival - planning meeting

The initial planning meeting for the 2009 Telegraph Hill Festival is happening tomorrow, November 17th at 8pm, at the Centre Lounge.

The Festival will take place March 13th - 22nd 2009 but the work starts now.

Sara Scott, Chair of the Festival says:

"We don't need a commitment from anyone at this stage, but if you have the beginnings of a new idea for the Festival come along and talk to those who can make it a reality.

"Or, if you want to help out or you're curious as to how it all works, please come along anyway. Everyone's welcome."


Anonymous said...

Not that the Festival will grab your idea - more put you in the way of getting whatever support you need to make it happen.

Anonymous said...

Talkikng to myself here - but it was a very good meeting. More of a buzz about it than at the same stage in previous years.

Anonymous said...

So what happened? How many turned up?

Anonymous said...

A couple of dozen or so, but what was really good was that there were some new people with different ideas and also prepared to swing into action on the admin./publicity/sponsorship side.

Look out for the fruits of our labours 13th to 22nd March next year and note that the Community Show registration weekend is almost certainly going to be 10th/11th January (minor clash to sort out before its definite). Anyone interested - wanting to find out more about the Festival - can always contact Sara Scott, the current Chair.

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