BrocSoc meeting tonight re. 47 Breakspears Road

The rather sorry site at 47 Breakspears Rd

Tonight, BrocSoc will be holding a planning meeting to discuss a controversial application to redevelop 47 Breakspears Road.

The BrocSoc site explains:

"Those of you who have been following this ongoing battle will be delighted to hear that we have another chance to put a stop to an extremely unsympathetic development."

There can surely be no one who will mourn the demolished house, which was a sorry-looking tumbledown. The issue is over the quality of the new design, which substitutes traditional bay windows for blocky efforts.

The juxtaposition of modern and period architecture can look stunning and it's what London is all about. But the new designs appear neither fish nor flesh; neither respectful enough to pastiche the neighbouring buildings nor bold enough to excite.

The result is a disappointing botch job and though we'd rather see something than nothing on that site, we can't see why the BrocSoc campaigners couldn't get their way whilst still enabling a developer to turn a profit that would make a rebuild viable.

If you want to go along, the meeting is at 7.00pm, St Andrew's Church, on the corner of Brockley Road and Wickham Road.

Update by Brockley Jon:

To save you wading through the planning docs, here's what is proposed for he development:

47 Breakspears Rd plans

Here's a side by side comparison:

47 Breakspears Rd plans