Boris: East London Line 2 is the "Way to Go"

Today, Mayor Johnson launched his vision paper for the future of London transport, entitled "Way to Go", with encouraging signals about the second phase of the East London Line extension.

One of its headline commitments is:

"Improving the journeys of rail passengers through the continued development of the London Overground network to form an orbital rail equivalent to the M25, and the roll-out of Oyster across the private rail franchises."

Creating an orbital rail service entails extending the East London Line again, from Surrey Quays to Clapham Junction, creating a complete circuit of zone 2-ish parts of London.

The specific commitment in the full document is about as concrete as is possible in a vision document, stating "now is the time" to develop the "potential of the overground".

ELL2 has always seemed like a no-brainer: a low-cost project which will maximise the benefits of the other overground investment projects and free up some capacity on overstretched overland services. Today, it moved a lot closer to reality.


Monkeyboy said...

you'd hope so but TfL and Central Government have to check the piggy bank to pay for Crossrail (agreed but cheques not signed) re-scoping the former Metronet work (it will be de-scoped or delayed, you can be sure of that) and possibly bail out Tubelines (who have been making ominous noises about funding) The tube is creaking as always and Crossrail is to glamorous to fail. I suspect the ELL2 may be put on the back burner. It would be a shame because your right, the contractors are there and it would be cheaper to tag it on as a variation.

Tamsin said...

When does tfl or any transport think-tank ever indulge in joined up thinking. Regulations require them to run empty ELL replacement buses which won't even do extra stops at Deptford Bridge. Heaven-forfend, they might then actually be used!

13:24 said...

Love the way the "Way to Go" document has been given the flavour of Bojo the scatter-brained classicist. Entertaining reading, if nothing else.

No doubt the socio-political heavyweights on this blog will have more acerbic views..

quick brown fox said...

Yes, yes, but what's that all got to do with property prices? I've just looked out of my window to see the BBC's Lucy Alexander (her off Homes Under the Hammer) filming a property programme outside my house - I don't remember putting it up for auction but then I am becoming quite forgetful.

Anyway, SHE said houses in Brockley were commanding a 10% premium (on top of what, I didn't quite catch).

To drag it back on topic, maybe she'll be mentioning that the ELL has something to do with it.

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