8pm, Brockley Road petrol station, last night

Evidence that "gentrification" is yet to destroy Brockley's unique charm #302

We popped in to the forecourt shop on the offchance that they might sell the vitamins that we needed. We want to stress at this point that we are not normally the kind of middle class neurotic that feels an urgent need for vitamins on a Saturday night - we take a degree of pride in the fact that we've never set foot in a Holland & Barrett. However, on this occasion, we needed to buy some.

We weren't actually expecting to find them in there, but we were surprised when the woman behind the counter asked: "What are vitamins?"

It seems Brockley's first biodynamic wholefood shop is still a mercifully distant prospect.

On the other hand, the Dandelion Blue deli's opening date is tantalisingly close and we will have the full story on the site shortly...