Brockley Bites

Brockley housing market: in pursuit of imperfection

Brockley is a doer-upper hotspot, according to The Sunday Telegraph. It claims:

"Fully renovated properties are not selling, as buyers seek out unmodernised homes to 'do up' as a way of adding value in a slow market. It's harder to sell properties which have been extended or have loft conversions as young buyers want to add this value themselves... areas of London with a good supply of renovation projects are Brockley, Telegraph Hill, Tooting and West Norwood."

Which is one way of putting it.

DVD crackdown reaches Brockley

Lewisham Council is currently waging war on the snakemasters and you can play your part. Council officers are currently urging local businesses such as pubs, cafes and barbershops to refuse to allow pirate DVD sellers and posters have begun to appear in Brockley. The sellers are generally linked to organised crime gangs, operating in London.

The view from The Hill

We recently asked users of The Telegraph Hill website the following question:
"As a resident of Brockley Cross, I consider Telegraph Hill as much a part of my neighbourhood as Hilly Fields and try to cover news about the Hill whenever possible. However, the survey shows that very few of the people who visit the site hail from Telegraph Hill. So my question is... is that because TH is already so well served by this site or is it because people in TH don't consider TH to be part of the Brockley area?"

It prompted a few interesting responses, with the prevailing view that Telegraph Hill is very much New Cross and Brockley is simply a neighbour.

Parking in Lewisham

The Big Retort is unhappy about selfish parking and even less happy with Lewisham Council's response...