Brockley MAX doubt

The future of the Brockley MAX - the long-running arts festival that has served as an important focal point for the local creative community and a showcase for the Brockley area - is likely to go ahead in reduced form next year and there remains a possibility that it may not happen at all.

This summer Moira Tait, the organiser in previous years, announced that she was stepping down to let someone else take on the Festival, to bring new ideas and energy to the event.

In a recent email, Moira announced that the event will be taken on by a new organiser, who will be investigating the feasibility of a 2008 MAX, but that it will in all likelihood take place over a weekend, rather than a week.

We hope to speak to the new organiser in the coming weeks, to get a clearer picture of what volunteer support is needed and how people can help, but it would be a tragedy if the MAX was allowed to fizzle out, through lack of community energy, especially when we're all agreed that the sense of community is one of the things that we treasure most.

Brockleys Nick and Jon will be offering their services...

We hope to bring you a more detailed report soon.