La Lanterna, Brockley Road

La Lanterna, the Italian restaurant opposite Brockley Station, has had a modest makeover. Out go the photos of celebrity diners on the walls, to be replaced by black-and-white framed photos of jazz musicians or something. The changes stop there, however and happily, the jolly waiter on the roof (a piece of public art to treasure) remains.

The food itself is pretty reliable, though our group with stuck to conservative choices - risotto, pizza, pasta, pancakes and salads so we can't speak for the fish or meat options. Every dish was tasty and well-prepared, but nothing in particular lingers in the memory.

In our experience, service is the restaurant's strong point. It was a busy Saturday night, with most of the tables full, but we were well looked after by the friendly team and never felt that the kids in our group were an imposition.

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