The Brockley Jack set for a makeover

It has been confirmed that (as reported by one BC reader) the Brockley Jack is to undergo a refurbishment soon.

Most comments about the Brockley Jack speak of faded glories and a disappointing atmosphere, so this is potentially very welcome news and we hope to have the story for you very shortly...


tyrwhitt michael said...

As the Lord giveth the Lord taketh away.

I am told by the current couple running the Talbot, that they are now likely to stay until at least March as the Palmerston takeover has been delayed.

A two month delay to someone who works for a property consultants has "planning application" written all over it. I therefore suspect their proposals are more radical than the previous scheme that has already got planning consent.

Ah well, they do say patience is a virtue.

Anonymous said...

Sounds fair enough, to me: it sounds reasonable that the Palmerston people would have their own ideas - and experience - to bring to the Talbot; and that Lewisham Planning would want to take their time considering any new plans before opening it out to public consultation. It doesn't take much to trigger a delay in the Planning department and i hope this indicates that they take this project seriously.

I can't wait to hear more about the Brockley Jack: with apologies to an earlier poster who's father (?) drinks there regularly, I've always cringed as I walked past because the place falls so far short of its potential. It just needs a bit of TLC (and money), not a massive overhaul, to soften it around the edges.. On football match days especially, it feels a bit rough.

Anonymous said...

It may feel a bit rough to you but to myself, father and all the others who have drunk in there for most of their drinking lives this is just part of the atmosphere. I have no problem with the place being done up but hope it does not become a gastro pub clone. In the local vicinity we have the Jam Circus and Mr Lawrences that cater to a certain market so it would be a shame if the Jack went fully down that route and alienated the locals that regularly drink there.

Anonymous said...

anonymous 2, i think i agree with you, & sorry if I implied otherwise. (I must have mis-remembered your previous post, and couldn't find it to read again). No need for the brockley jack to become another gastropub with a wine list like the yellow pages and £6 stuffed olives where the peanuts and crisps used to be. I do (like you, it seems) think that it could do with a sensitive update; for instance, to better reveal any period features it currently hides, and a general deep-clean. Its nice that you and your family use this space and I hope you can continue to; and that they make it a bit nicer for you.

Is this the same or different from the issues around the aborted attempt to 'do up' the Wickham Arms'? (feels different, to me, but I can't say why..Maybe because its actually quite a distance from Jam Circus and mr lawrence?)

Anonymous 1

Brockley Jon said...

The Wickham may have abandoned their plan to go all Gastropub on us (for the best I think, especially now that the gastro void will be filled by the Talbot makeover), but there have been some improvements.

Certainly as someone who's in there at some point most weeks, you notice the subtle differences. One week some tasteful wallpaper, the next some not-so-tasteful boxer portraits, and recently a new digital jukebox, complete with Klaxons tracks and everything - the New X crowd will be happy!

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