Bobolo Kitchen

Brockley's newest pop-up is a Cameroonian Supper Club, which will trigger all sorts of cognitive dissonance among anti-gentrifiers. The team behind it explain:

Bobolo kitchen is a supper club, serving the adventurous foodie in our (even if we say so ourselves) amazing Brockley home.

Events are held monthly celebrating great vegetables, spices, process of cooking that makes Cameroonian cuisine so distinctive..such as the Bobolo; a cassava (root vegetable) dish. Our first event will be on October 25th and we'll be serving Accra Beans, Koki & Plantains with a side of Suya or Suya Meat or Veg and Banana Puff Puff for dessert.

The team that make up Bobolo Kitchen are Brenda; the chef born in Cameroon, raised in North London and taughtto cook by her nan and her numerous aunties and Kuki; born in Germany, now living in London and loves to cook too.

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