I didn't choose LFUG life, LFUG life chose me

Robert Sheppard has been doing good work for two decades, in service of the wonderful Ladywell Fields. He writes:

Dear friends of Ladywell Fields,

After nearly 20 years, first as Chairman and latterly as Secretary, I have decided to step back from active involvement in the Ladywell Fields User Group. I have just been appointed a School Governor and already have a number of other pressures and challenges in my personal and work life, so for the time being Ladywell Fields has simply been 'squeezed out'. I am sure I will be back!

So LFUG needs one or two volunteers to step forward (1) to act as Secretary, calling and publicising our 3-4 meetings p.a.; and (2) to manage the website, posting occasional updates and news items of local relevance. No previous experience is required, just commonsense and a relentless commitment to making Ladywell Fields the best it can be!

Tony Rich (LFUG Chair) and I are more than happy fully to induct anyone appointed to this/these position(s) and though I'm dropping out of active involvement, I will remain around to help on an ad hoc basis.

Please let me know if you'd like to take up the reins! I plan to resign at the next ordinary meeting on 29 September and ideally the new appointment(s) will be made that same night.