Fabrique en Brockley

One of Francois' mirrors
First, Brockley-based curator Helen Osgerby launched Simple Shape to celebrate great makers, now a local designer is launching a Brockley design showcase. Fran├žois writes:

I’m a French independent product designer living in Brockley. As a product designer I'm designing products for big companies, producing in China, Taiwan, and Vietnam to sell in Europe… the job is interesting but I want to work on a very different scale now.

With my new project called “Made in Brockley” my wish is to help people living in Brockley to use the local resources to generate business in the community and to enhance Brockley’s identity.

Through a website called “Made in Brockley” (online soon) I will promote people making things in Brockley to develop local production for a local market. I will select and sell local products like furniture, cheese, prints, bags and so on.

I'm already working with a few Brokley's inhabitants but I'm looking for more people, makers, artists, craftsman. If anyone is interested in getting involved, please contact me.