Goldsmiths goes to 11

Dr Evil: My father would womanize, he would drink. He would make outrageous claims like he invented the question mark. Sometimes he would accuse chestnuts of being lazy.
- Austin Powers

Jane sent us this Buzzfeed listicle, which explains the great debt humanity owes to Goldsmiths. Here's their list of 11 great cultural moments birthed by the college:

  1. The mini skirt
  2. The Angel of the North
  3. The MOBOs
  4. Bestival
  5. The Routemaster
  6. Mogees
  7. Chariots of Fire
  8. The YBAs
  9. Blur
  10. Hacked Off
  11. Punk
You can argue the toss over how instrumental Goldsmiths was in the gestation of any of these things, but it is an impressive cultural legacy and the list could easily be twice as long. The challenge is to capture the economic benefits of these spin-offs by providing places for creatives to work locally. The Live / Work / Play plan for New Cross high street is a step in the right direction, but Deptford is where the creative cluster will build scale.