Brockley's back gardens targeted by developers

A BCer who wishes to remain anonymous has been targeted by a property developer who's trying to buy a part of her garden, in order to develop housing at the back. She notes:

Since I don’t actually own the garden - the downstairs flat does - it’s a moot issue, and I am not sure how it would work in reality, as the houses are terraced and I presume access would only be gained via one of the mews (which is a long way away from where our property lies). Also, I’m pretty sure it would contravene the Conservation Area guidelines.

But interesting to note that Brockley is becoming so popular now they are trying to buy up our back gardens.

Brockley is blessed with very large gardens by the standards of zone 2/3 London and is prime territory for developers, but while BC supports filling in every bit of available brownfield land, the loss of these gardens would damage the character of the area, as well as starting a thousand wars between neighbours.


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