We are young

Young people are swarming over SE4 like locusts, kicking old people off their mobility scooters and shutting down the bingo halls as they go.

A study by Savills reckons Brockley is one of an admittedly very long list of London areas where Under 35s outnumber the Over 50s by a ratio of at least 2:1. The callow surge reached Brockley around the time of the East London Line's completion and overwhelmed the area faster than you can say "the new politics". The Telegraph reports:

In a land grab by the affluent U35s, reminiscent of the game of Risk, the wave of gentrification continues to sweep across London, leaving very few spots untouched and pushing up house prices.

As demand for new homes in the very centre of the capital slows, due to over-inflated prices and the impact of the Chancellor's stamp duty changes made last December, young techies and bankers have been making themselves at home in areas that, a decade ago, they would not have been seen in.

With thanks to Alastair.


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