Ron blows the Brockley Thistle Whistle

Thistle be interesting. Ron is trying to track a former resident down from the time when Scottish culture dominated Brockley, just as the Krankies ruled the airwaves and Runrig ran riot in the charts. He writes:

My name is Ron Newman and I'm a volunteer at the Royal Hospital, Chelsea, London (the RHC). One of the In Pensioners, William Watt BEM, who originates from Aberdeen, has asked me if I would be able to trace a good friend of his whom he knew in the 1980s, called Richard and who lived, at that time, in Brockley, South London.

Richard played in the 80s in a pipe band in London called the Brockley Thistle. I wondered if any members of Brockley Central would be able to confirm whether the band still exists, as I have been unable to find any current references to it on the Internet, and/or would remember Richard or know his whereabouts.

If you think you are - or know of - Richard, please contact Ron at this email address. In any case, if you know anything about the Brockley Thistle please let us know what they were like.


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