CPZ consultation planned for Brockley

On the SE23 Forum, the high-born of Forest Hill have been discussing a Controlled Parking Zone consultation for their area.

In passing, they also mention one planned for the area surrounding Brockley Station, defined as "bounded between Avignon Road and Wickham Road and between Brockhill Crescent and Vesta Road." Foxberry Mike, who sent us the link, has provided this unofficial artists' impression of the area under consideration.

According to the thread, the consultation will launch next month and follows the approval of the Council's CPZ strategy in 2013.

CPZs are always controversial and have knock-on effects beyond their borders. The Ladywell CPZ eventually necessitated expansion further into Lewisham. With another consultation planned for the area between Lewisham Way and New Cross Road, it's possible that most of Greater Brockley could become a CPZ soon. Mike says:

"I am pretty sure the station is the main contributor to the car parking growth as in the evening it is still pretty easy to park close to home, but with the proposed big reduction to parking on Coulgate Street (and the new flats being built there), I suspect that will mess up the evening parking more – although a CPZ won’t solve that due to operating hours being in the daytime.

"But the loss of spaces will make it even more impossible during the day of course, and will probably be the tipping point for me saying yes (reluctantly) this time round."