Oculus Shift

Dr Emma writes:

Would your child like to take part in exciting research? Seeking 7-10 year olds, born preterm..

I am a researcher at Goldsmiths, University of London, currently running a pilot study to determine the role of oculomotor control (i.e. eye movements) in cognitive and motor development. I am seeking children aged 7-10 years that were born preterm (less than 35 weeks gestation) to take part in a short study (max. 45 minutes). Any expenses will be covered.

Your child would be asked to complete two tasks: one measuring vocabulary and the other using an 'eye tracker' to analyse eye movements (i.e. tracking ability, attention). The eye tracker is non-invasive - it is just a small camera placed under a computer monitor. Children often enjoy seeing how this cool technology records their eyes!

This could be a perfect activity to get involved with during the October half-term. Your child will receive a 'young scientist' certificate on completion, and we have lots of lovely stickers for them also!

For further information about the study, please contact me on: e.sumner@gold.ac.uk


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